As it is with the majority of Food Banks within the UK, Daventry Food Bank operates a referral system. What that means is, for an individual or family to access food support, they must be referred to us by a front line care organisation - preferably one that is already involved in supporting them in some way. That way, the claimant's situation can be assessed by the professionals who are already exposed to their core needs and will be able to build towards a more wholistic solution. That might mean sign-posting them to other services available as opposed to just giving them access to free food.

All referrals to the Food Bank are submitted via our Online Referral System. This eliminates all of the problems associated with the old "paper voucher" system. Furthermore, it's instant! As soon as a referring organisation submits the referral, our team are notified instantly and can start preparing the food parcel for the claimant.

We have forged partnerships with scores of organisations who act as referring agents.

Making the process of referring claimants to us


agencies who refer to us

If you are a frontline care professional and would like to become a referring agent, simply click on the button below and submit the application form

Food bank referral system